Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Album: Rook Vallade - Vestiges

Unheard works from 1992-2000

Exiled in Berlin - exiled from 'the scene' pretty much, aside from releases under other pseudonyms, the sound of which won't have raised his profile or won him new fans - like he cares - as I said a while back about the People of the Internet, so many interesting ones say so little if they exist in that alternate Real World at all. Chris Douglas stands outside the outside. Vestiges should/could be a good entry point for beginners, containing as it does the kind of glitchy beats that have long since become accepted, a cosy genre, an old genre; except to say that Douglas naturally doesn't conform - hear the space-age crunch deconstruction of Gailfld, for instance. Or Aemlldr, which I mention just because it's a favourite of mine. Douglas collages brilliantly, pasting drills, thuds, crunches, brutal whacks and melancholic ambience better than most. Older ears may recognise signs of the times but they all lead to roads less travelled by his peers.

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