Saturday, 2 July 2016

Sex Pistols CD: Kiss This Ronald 'Buzzcocks' McDonald!

Kiss This

Kiss this, McDonald's! Jamie Reid should sue, but who 'owns' the idea of hostage font design? Not him, although he made it his and what does he get? Fuck all, probably, but perhaps he wept when he saw his Pistols art style used by them, who knows. I first heard about Morrissey bemoaning the use of The Buzzcocks' What Do I Get? then saw the ad a few days later. So what? Fast food & fast music, eh?

Appropriation, innit? Ronald McDonald knows, he's study the Situationists, just like Malcolm McClaren had. I'm sure. Besides, The Buzzcocks were never anarchic, were they? Only by default, by being there. What did you get for the ad, Pete (Shelley)? That's what I wonder. I bet the burger brand paid him well. 

Punk rock! Try some today, it's a tasty morsel wrapped in nostalgia! Catchy song, isn't it? Perhaps The Kids will like it and Google the band, discover Punk and start their own revolution in clothes, music, art and What do you think?

Being the 40th anniversary of Punk you can hear a few middle-aged folk mumbling "We need a new Punk rock now" to themselves...even I've said it, but only to myself. Deluded dreamers, we are. Not that I care. Or do I? Wouldn't it be great to see some spunky kids ripping up all the rules, along with their clothes, being dirty, making a noise and more importantly scaring society? Yeah, it would. It ain't happening. 

So this week I bought the Kiss This CD comp of Sex Pistols singles plus B-Sides and the rest of all that Bollocks. It was only a quid, which is why I bought it. It felt wrong, but I don't know why...perhaps because I've only ever known The Pistols on vinyl, but I'm not a vinyl fetishist. Glad I got it, anyway, just for the B-Sides. 

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