Saturday, 18 June 2016

New Music Mix: Watching Time In Night's Garden

Not done one for a while so I returned to the virtual decks (to think, I used to transport physical versions around town - oh that seems so long ago). Quick choices made for this, rather than the usual planned out mood and mixing (what? you didn't notice? you bastard!). So there's jazz rubbing up against electronic and other gems. Do enjoy...that's an order...

2.Paintbrushes by Dolly Dolly
3.fluxo by jorges antunes
4.smell down death by yannis kyriakides
5.V1 (Ossian remix)  by silver waves
6.texte 2 by andre boucourecliev
7.gozel guzler by lloyd miller
8.watching time in night's garden by sid redlin
9.magic words command by richard h kirk
10.In A Trap byAfrican Head Charge
11.untitled no.7 by new 7th music
12.marz society by griot galaxy
13.melted percussions by gultskra artikler food by ornette coleman

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