Monday, 11 April 2016

Outsiders & The (un)Social Network

Have you noticed how some of the most interesting people don't get on well with the internet? Or is it just the ones I know? Interesting people have trouble being very sociable on the sociable network. Perhaps some of them are socially inept. They make interesting music and put it on Bandcamp; just a few albums, perhaps, which are far too interesting to be noticed by many people. They're on Facebook, but not frequently and tend to disappear for long spells, realising that there isn't much to 'like'. They don't have many FB friends, having unfollowed the time-wasters. They're on Twitter, perhaps, in an effort to be 'sociable', but it's one long painful trawl through utter nonsense so they rarely use it. They have neither the time nor the inclination to exploit the potential of the network because, in truth, much of it disgusts them. The trouble is they are creative, in fits and starts and this creative urge takes the form of words, images and sounds which will never be very popular. Yet somewhere they read that the network can make them well-known, if they use it properly, but they don't, so it's largely a pain in the arse and, if truth be told, the prime example of what's wrong with a world seemingly devoted to utter tripe, insignificant frivolity and egomania in overdrive. They could contribute a great deal towards making the social network more interesting but prefer to abstain, thus increasing their feelings of isolation and despair. 

Next time: Etsy and Existential Despair

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