Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Hybrid Digital magazine / Pod have got soul / Daniel Ruane - The Interpreter

Hybrid Digital will be available soon. Limited edition with only a few available online so watch this blog for details, release date and more hype. 32 page full-colour A4 is all I'm saying for now.

Other exciting news of the day: I went into a cafe (Pod) close to Work for my regular coffee fix and they were not playing crap music! To be fair, they rarely do. So well done Pod. OK, it's only a mix of Latin/Afro Beat/Acceptable Dance, ie, decent House, but even so. Today I could barely restrain myself from dancing walking in to this...

The Interpreter cover art

The Interpreter by Daniel Ruane was sent to me today. I listened. I liked. (Will that do?). They haven't paid me anything to promote it, after all. Oh for the old days when you'd get sent actual copies of albums. Scratch that. I don't want actual copies. I have enough stuff cluttering up the flat (as LJ will tell you). Unless, of course, the packaging is special, then I'm interested. I hadn't heard of Daniel Ruane, which is not saying much. Two electronic music-lovers could sit all night naming names each has never heard of, probably. It's a crowded market. It's not actually a market, more an endless space populated by stars, some of which shine whilst others barely glimmer because they're not that bright to start with. Ruane shines brightly, applying his talents to the art of remixing whilst being remixed himself. I'd like to be remixed one day. Someone might come up with a better version than the original. Whether it goes bang, like Switch (LOFT Functional Club Edit), or recuts a classical feel as on Ruane's mix of Anika San's Inverchoulin, there's a depth of ideas and imagination at work. Very solid.

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