Thursday, 25 February 2016

Vispo / Henri Pousseur - Early Experimental Electronic Music 1954-72 / Mark Stewart

Digital, RTomens, 2016

...from digital to not digital but electronic trickery & probably tape involved too, Stockhausen's old buddy Henri Pousseur & a fine Sub Rosa comp, Early Experimental Electronic Music 1954-72, coming soon...not as earth-shattering or interesting as Adele (Queen of the Brits, winning four prizes including best British female solo artist) but anyway, it starts modestly with the earliest works, S√©ismogrammes ('54-58) but gets very interesting with the Rimes ('57 & '58) wherein collaged sounds, orchestral & electronic meld fantastically, taking you on a voyage into the depths of sonic delight...

Sr415lp cu

...Trois Visages de Liege (1961) are quite brilliant too & I got a surprise when hearing Voix de la ville as it started...

...where's that from? I know that! Took me a while but I got there in the end...cop the start of Mark Stewart & The Maffia's Liberty City (1983)


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