Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Garaliya - Ventricle Replicant (Kvitnu)

Ventricle Replicant cover art

There's no sign of sci-fi's influence on electronic music fading any time soon and why would it - so an ep with titles such as Replicant and The Roboteer might look like a case of cliché alert but no, hold on. Garaliya's Ventricle Replicant ramps up the pressure and pours clinically clean, crisp, beats and actually beautiful bold sounds right into your brain, where they should go....because they'd be no good in your toes, although perhaps they'd make you dance...though these aren't intellectual cuts, but are intelligently made, for sure....Garaliya zeros in from the off with Ventricle's shadow beat beneath tasty abstract squiggles...then Roboteer's cut-up rhythm, nicely know, I do love a good, wholesome, sparky, spunky shot of tricky rhythms that almost break down, but don't......the tension between consistency and most cuts are 3-to-4mins but Replicant tips over 8 and is none the worse for it because the quality lets up as it dips from fast to mid-tempo then tracer mode...quite brilliant.

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