Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Yves De Mey - Drawn with Shadow Pens (Spectrum Spools)

Drawn with Shadow Pens cover art

so good he's got his own tag on this blog - ha!
his track record's better than Mo Farah's......
he is Yves De Mey
and Drawn with Shadow Pens on Spectrum Spools does not disappoint. It's a subtle work, though not lite, but rather heavy in places, in mood throughout, you might say....with sustained tones that snake into your on the starter, Prelament, which, towards the end, arches its tail and stings your ass. Remains Of Rays, likewise, gently assaults you, if such a thing is possible, with spiked minimalism....moods, textures and tones combine throughout to capture your ears....a little shimmering here, crackle there...sometimes we may strain to hear but when relaxed, as if lulled by a New Age tape, our senses are constantly pricked by sounds...the stripped back power of Xylo dropping bombs on the otherwise barren soundscape...slowburn Stabbing In Fluid...yes, perhaps that best describes the album, knife slits water...the blade slicing liquid...and always a low end in evidence, the foundation, the depths...

Spectrum Spools

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