Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Mount Analogue - Rene Daumal (City Lights)

.....Books I Couldn't Resist Because Of The Cover.....
Number ---

........well, could you? I'd never heard of it but seeing the cover and 99p price tag......
I believe it's some kind of  trip as spiritual journey and
creative journey
But look at the cover!


  1. It's the book Alejandro Jodorowsky's "Holy Mountain" is based on. Daumal was member of the pre-/anti-Surrealist group "Le Grand Jeu", together with Roger Caillois (who later joined the Surrealists, was co-founder of the secret society Acéphale and of the Collège de Sociologie). One of the main characters is based on Georges I. Gurdjieff. Yes, it's an interesting book and congratulations, I paid about 20€ for my German translation…

  2. Agreed about the cover. Years ago it struck me as a graphic masterpiece of its era. Then compare that to the generic noo-age covers that got slapped on later editions, and you have to start wondering if there isn't something to all the nostalgic zeitgeist banter that people like to kick around re this-vs-that moment in history.


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