Friday, 27 November 2015

Shapednoise - Different Selves (Type Recordings)

.........................................................track 1: Enlightenment feat. Justin K. Broadrick.......bring the noise! (again) - yes, that beloved-by-those-of-us-old-enough-to-remember it mid-90s Techstep 'hoover' (not cheap shit, like Henry, but proper, like Miele which, coincidentally, is based in Germany, as is Shapednoise) 
sound is upon us, fully, like the middle of a No U-Turn 12" but all the way through - yes! it's that good! But such delightfully dark dronefuzz bass would be nothing without a proper surrounding...and this has one...
....what else? 
....the 'usual'?
nuclear destruction of Western civilisation - thrill to the sound of empires (remember them?) crumbling! crunch! 
kerlang!'s an Intruder and it's an iron robot with fists the size of football stadium and eyes that fire deadly beams pummelling & burning everything in site, including you - war of the worlds, only this time no virus is going to stop
                                           ............Dream Within A Dream? your worst nightmare
christ, how much of this can anyone take? more! come on - harder! your Well-Being is not guaranteed. this fellow means you harm. perhaps he means to dismantle EVERYTHING. I wish him luck. he's doing well......
What Is It Like? (track 6) - when you think the weight cannot increase it does, not that the heaviest noises
are necessarily the most effective but here, duck and cover! cry like a baby, ask for your mummy but it's no good, no-one can save you......if there's something rotten at the heart of Western civilisation (there is, isn't there?) with it's political schemes & capitalist nightmares, treachery, poverty (still!), homelessness etc etc - Shapednoise and Different Selves as akin to retribution - we brought this on ourselves! 
first, though
up against the wall muthafuckers!
you hands-in-the-air happy
lazer light shiny plastic disco sheeple!
you moron-electric superstar DJ-sucking imbeciles!
yeah. get them first. obviously. 
this feels like music made in spite of them, aimed at them, at retarded repetition for the sake of not challenging the conservative normality of funfunfun entertainment.
 then the politicians.

I need a lie down....


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  1. funny he was exactly what you speak about just a bit ago
    Traded in his UR shirt finally


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