Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Lucrecia Dalt - Ou (Care Of Editions)

Film soundtracks have inspired much modern composition, whether it be the eternal electronic blueprint of Forbidden Planet or obscure 70s European horror. Lucrecia Dalt works differently, inspired not so much by the music of film but the mysterious ways in which all cinematic sound and vision can suggest other music and spark a creative direction. So to Ou, not typical widescreen music but imbued, instead, with the most subtle nuances in composition. I've played the album several times and constantly found something new. This is a pleasant relief from most music which, as you're well aware, can be 'known' within a minute or two.

Scenes within scenes unfold, each section within the main title having its own...the apparently open nature of OVER UNITY (Meontic Voice / Taquión), tethered in stages to subtle rhythms, one of which sounds like a needle trapped in a groove, another, soft, insistent bass gently driving loopy FX which give way to another rhythm and so on, so the music captures the attentive listener. IOT (Roto / Quebrado / Suelto) moves through a light mid-tempo mood into mysterious murmurings, twisting and turning, evolving as it goes, with presumably Dalt's wordless treated voice providing patterns of sound.

This understated but beguiling album is not one that will leap out of your speakers but does ensnare you all the same, luring you into a dialogue with its many dimensions in the same way, perhaps, Dalt engaged with cinema for her influence.

Release date: December 8. Care Of Editions

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