Friday, 20 November 2015

Collage: The Biggest TV News / Mince Pies From A Stranger

R. Tomens 2015


In other news this week...

I was given two mince pies
by a guy delivering them in
a van, the rear door of which
was open, as I told him when
we stopped at the traffic lights and, 
having assured me the door was OK, 
he offered me mince pies, holding up
 the cardboard box, saying what sounded like
because I couldn't understand him 
he picked one out with a grin, which prompted me to reach through the window
and take it before he offered another, saying "Very good me-e-e-npi-i-i!" so I
took that one too, placing it delicately alongside the first, in my pannier, by which
time the lights had long since turned green but we didn't care, being too busy 
exchanging favours, grinning at each other as I noted his beard and complexion, 
wondering if he was a Muslim, perhaps on a goodwill mission and, 
in this instance, it certainly worked 
because they were the best 
mince pies I've ever eaten.

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