Thursday, 26 November 2015

ARSURA - Figures​/​Disfigured

ARSURA's Figures​/​Disfigured - best thing I've heard all day...
...apart from the sound of the postman dropping a package over the gate...
(over the gate? you may wonder. well, we don't have a letter box, only a letter hole, in the outside gate, so everything falls to the floor and if it doesn't fit through that the postman chucks it over the gate, as he did today and that excited me because it was a book I've been awaiting for some time, all the way from America and I might share some of it with you if you're good....................)
So...ASURA, which is Air Protection Office and Servadio (no, those name meant nothing to me either, but I'm assuming you don't know them when, in fact, you may be clued in to the Berlin/London underground, or even a member of either Air Protection Office and Servadio, in which case, well done).
It's a great noise!
Or noises, actually. Not horrible noises. Good noises. Horrible to some, though. Even you, perhaps. Figures...such a thunderous ecstatic rumble! It should bring us down but elevates me to another level, so deftly organised are the sounds...sonic booms at irregular intervals & intermittent beats - most wholesome - a sharp electronic storm
and then
Disfigured - hear the shredding of your own brain tissues! before it calms down to a pulse with evil goblins strafing you from spitfire jets - tremendous tension between the minimal thump and turmoil from bursts of noise
Disfigured some more - you can't take it? Yes you can! like:
Satan's disco
spiked beats broken into slabs
senses deranged, totally, disfigured and dismembered
the ghost of a regular beat struggling through only to be strangled & mangled....

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