Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Integration Cassette /Sleaford Mods on Later with Jools Holland / Digital Art / The Mahé Circle by Georges Simenon

Best thing I've heard recently that isn't Miles Davis' electric band: Various Artists - Integration (Integrated Circuit Records ICR12) 1983 - some of it anyway, enough to make it worthwhile, like the tracks by Trevor Wishart, David Jackman, New 7th Music and...

...get it here

Sleaford Mods on Later With Jools Holland last night, the only time I've looked forward to that programme because, essentially, it promotes nothing much other than Trad (OK, OK, the Irish folk band (Lynched) were enjoyable), whiny Folk and goddawful 'Rock' but at least The Mods livened things up - has the backlash begun yet? The Best Live Band In The Country (Guardian headline) - the kiss of death? No, no, let's not be hasty. Being on Later? So get in the belly of the beast and gnaw at its innards...perhaps, but be wary because, as you know, the beast has a way of making sure that once a band is inside they're suffocated by success, eventually (but here's hoping The Mods burst out, Alien-style and splatter the rest with their blood before running amok dripping acid)..........

No-one's bothered but if you want to see more of that picture go here

Just finished this...

...what are the mysteries of the deep and why do they fascinate Dr Mahé? The circle must be's like a slowly-tightening, expectations, domestic confinement/entrapment...the Lolita complex? The Mahé Circle by Georges Simenon: 160 pages, just as a novel should be...yes, yes!


  1. Sleaford Mods made my eyes prick. Just so intense, compelling, real. I loved it. And by the way, I first heard of them some time ago.... on here!

  2. Made your 'eyes prick'? I like that! Yeah, it was a good performance, but then, Jason rarely seems to perform badly.


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