Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Venetian Snares - Thank You For Your Consideration

Aaron Funk's down on the press (don't blame him), down on the music industry (why? it's wunnerful!) so you know he's an angry man, reclusive, apparently. What's all that got to do with his music? Nothing? Everything, perhaps; explaining why he makes the noise he does in spite of all the changes continually happening on the electronic music scene (whatever that is). Thank You For Your Consideration has kept me wide awake this afternoon whilst working on some art. That's my art, this is his - there may be a connection, although I'm reluctant to make one, not knowing Aaron. Outside operators. Whether you think this 'old hat' (!) or not, don't deny the seriousness with which Funk goes about his business. Nor the sheer energy, the concentrated rush of details that spark every track. Burgershot is a favourite of mine. 09sept09 proves he can do 'atmosphere'. I'll stop before I fail to resist describing anything. It's on Bandcamp, pay what you like. Interview here.

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