Friday, 4 September 2015

Art: Redemption / Music: Head Dress - Crawl, Take

Blow up detail from a piece called Redemption. Full picture over on the art site, which I've reset to allow closer inspection of all the pieces (you can view them large now). 


Ted Butler, from LA, as Head Dress, on the Cønjuntø Vacíø label, out of Barcelona - what a wunnerful inter/outernational world we inhabit! Have you noticed? Global goings on at our fingertips, so many sights and sounds, enough to turn your brains into a grey slush puppy. Tweet to the world! I did just the other day, mindful of the fact that I have millions of followers, many of whom are musicians and music-lovers. I asked them to suggest some new electronic music that wasn't ambient. No-one responded. Not one. Perhaps because I only have just over 100 followers in reality - that place can be such a bore sometimes, unlike fantasy land, where millions do follow me, including Sun Ra (do they have the internet on Saturn?) and pay keen attention to my every word. I wish they did because I'd tell them to stop encouraging the creation of beatless music. Not beatless per se, but that stuff that just drifts nowhere. I won't go on because I've aired that grievance before.

So not having any recommendations I chanced upon this Head Dress album when Nick Edwards recommended another on the same label. Thanks Nick. This comes correct. It has rhythms, the kind that sound like you're hearing them underwater. And effects, smears of sound, distortions, wibbles and wobbles cohesively packaged. Actually, Crawl For Me has a hint of Ekoplekz about it and that's no bad thing. It chugs along for 9mins but with enough interesting texture to sustain the time frame. The whole album's beautifully scuzzy, especially Take, which starts like a Death Metal band trying to play a number but getting it wrong, stopping and starting again. It progresses in an evil mood, Hauntology gone hardcore; a deep space transmission signalling your imminent death in a black hole. Wonderful. Get it here.

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