Friday, 7 August 2015

[Xpylon] Comp / The Vendetta Tapes - John Baker / Rave Again? No, Bay B Kane

This compilation is for a good cause, Mind (mental health charity) so cough up, not for that reason alone, but for a damned good selection featuring Contak (Replekz) by Dolly Dolly & Gloria Gloucestershire (a fave, a dream team!), Secret Broadcast (Live & Unscheduled 22/08/09) by Time Attendant, IX Tab. Farmer Glitch and Kemper Norton are also involved. Get it here.

Unless your a sound cue fanatic (do they exist?) you might find the amount on this 36-track comp off-putting but the proper tunes make it worthwhile. Jazzy Radiophonic moods abound for those of us who like to listen whilst wearing the cardy and slippers - mmm, groovy - and some of the cues are atmospheric. The CD has sold out but a digital version is available here.  Baker did some fine work for Dr Who too, but one of his best pieces, also featured here, is this...

Expect a micro Rave revival any time now with the upcoming continuation of Shane Meadows' This Is England moving on to 1990, by which time the best of Rave was over, of course, and I know 'cause I was dancing in a field in 1973, actually, so there. Except it wasn't called Rave, it was called an Open Air Disco - ha-ha! And we did snakebite, not Es. And far from being loved-up, all the boys wanted to beat each other up, which is why Elton John made Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting), a piece of social commentary, it was, not just a stupid Pop record. Meanwhile, Bay B Kane returned in 2011 with an album, Brick Jungle, which featured an Elton John connection in the shape of a track called Yellow Brick Rhodes; funny that. He's back again now with the reissue of The Return Of Bay B Kane, so he returned in 1992 and is returning again. Returnmania, not retromania, although, as I hinted, there's sure to be a Rave revival one day (soon). I prefer what happened a few years later, like this Dark gem featuring Simon & Art in hyperdub drive - yeeeahh (available here)

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