Monday, 20 July 2015

Acre / Filter Dread - Interference (Codes)

Good to see that the tradition (a-hem) of replacing 's' with 'z' on track titles is alive and well, as on the first track, Drumz. Blame Goldie. Perhaps there's further evidence of his footprints on these six tracks, in the cracks, but you have to look (listen) hard to spot them. I don't know what this is, genre-wise, because I'm an old fart who thinks that wearing your baseball back to front is a criminal offence. Not that Acre or Filter Dread necessarily do that. I hope they don't anyway. That's why I haven't looked for any images of them. And because I'm an old fart, I really shouldn't be listening to this, but what I do in the privacy of my own home is my business, right? At least I'm not trying to dance like The Kids do. Honest. I don't think they'd be dancing to this anyway. Perhaps some moody head-nodding. That's probably what it inspires. 

More than just beats, though, Interference is packed with points of interest, which is probably why PAN have taken the label, Codes, under their wing. That said, Flash Speed is a monster, the kind that I presume would go down well in the kinds of clubs that play what used to be known as Dubstep and may still be called that, I dunno (is Dubstep still alive?). Anyway, BOOM! There's some of that bass-heavy stuff. Some (un)happy clapping too. In fact, the more I listen, the more I hear things from the past leaking out...80s-sounding things rebooted (hobnails) for now. I also hear what I think is a bit of Wendy Carlos's Clockwork Orange score in Life, which I like because the drums are off-kilter and there's a little hyper-Rave-type vocal snippet drowning in the Dirgestep. That and the fact that (possibly) sampling from one of the greatest movies ever made wind me over, easily.   

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