Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Buying Stuff / Collage / Drexciya

I've been buying stuff...well, you have to justify Work somehow, don't you? So we buy stuff. Some people buy cars, houses, clothes for the kids and other important adult goods but I buy books, music and films. They give me as much pleasure as kids are supposed to without asking for money or needing your guidance through life. OK, they don't look after you when you're old but being a crazy beatnik I'm living for now and every day's filled with wild spontaneity, Jazz, poetry, bongo-playing and painting...

Bella Tarr's a bastard though. I love and hate him. He's the new Bergman, isn't he? If Bergman ever was the standard reference point for jokes about suffering/enduring art house film in order to appear intelligent, which I think he was. Or I imagine he was. Sátántangó is 419 minutes long. I gave up big books years ago but film's different. Even an epic of this size can be digested relatively quickly...in, say, 419 minutes...over a period of six months though, knowing me. So there it was for a fiver; irresistible. All four items only came to a tenner. Perhaps you can buy some kids' clothes for that...but they grow out of them...and I've yet to fully grow into Béla Tarr so he's good value for my money.


A collage by LJ. It's called 'Firecracker'. She paints too. Her work is here.


The Clone label has released more Drexciya. You probably knew that. If you didn't, you don't like the music. That's OK, I won't hold it against you. If we all had the same taste it would be boring, wouldn't it? Politicians, sports people, the bloke on the supermarket check out, your doctor, everyone else in the office...all raving about the new Drexciya record. You'd turn on the radio and hear Parliament, Pierre Schaeffer, Horace Silver, Lee Perry, Drexciya, James Brown, Roxy Music, Daphne Oram etc all bleedin' day. Meanwhile, Black Sea (Aqualung Version) starts so well that I've restarted it several times already today. The rest isn't bad either. Unknown Journey XI exemplifies what that Detroit techno bloke said about being stuck in a lift with Krawfwerk and Bill Clinton...I think it was Bill. And the Aqualung version of Wavejumper...go wiggle!

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