Friday, 24 April 2015

The Proms Goes Pete Tong

'Yes! It's about time The Proms got with the times and what better way than to have a dance night hosted by the legend Pete Tong - whoo-eeee! Can't wait. Can you? I don't go normally, not to hear all that stuffy Classical shit 'cause it's, like, old and that. But this! This'll be a-ma-zing. No, it's not dumbing down. Why shouldn't Club Music be in with Classical? I think it's classic anyway - ha-ha! I heard some stuff by Mozart once; it was boring. Classical music is boring, isn't it? It goes on forever. No beats. I know, they didn't have beats in those days, but you know what I mean. I like stuff you can dance to. I like other stuff as well, like Lady Gaga and Kanye, who you can dance to, know what I mean. Pete Tong's a god, isn't he? I'm going to get so-o-o out of it. Mummy says it's a stupid idea but what does she know? Your parents don't get it, do they? They go to The Proms every year. It would be funny if they came to this night by mistake! Imagine it! Excited.'

"We do now live in a world, thank God, where you can like all sorts of music, you don’t have to be rigidly siloed. When I was a kid you did have to choose what camp you were in ... I was passionate about Dusty Springfield when I was a kid but you sort of had to do that quietly," said the director of this year’s Proms, Edward Blakeman. This obviously reveals Blakeman's qualifications for ensuring that the Proms leaps into the 21st century with cutting edge music. 

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