Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Plot Defender - Nochexxx (Type)

Haywired for sound, Nochexxx (Dave Henson) brings the FonkAciTechOuttaStep noise, thankfully, because I was just starting to think this was a rotten year filled with the overripe stinking fruits of already dead seeds sown by those who don't have a clue how to grow one interesting thing - yes, wit until I start making music, I'll show 'em (it's not easy, I'm sure, with the endless potential of technology...and if that's true, how come so many are producing the same kind of tired music, eh?).

Moan over. Reasons to be cheerful: 1) without bothering to try and be 'new' (avant) Nochexxx makes the most of past formulas by stamping them with his own hand, rather than the auto-bot ABC repeat pattern cliché mechanised ones), 2) Jungle Crash - DJ Hyper mode, like something (a Jungle break?) at +16, countered by a play on classic Tech Step darkwave formations, 3) Leading Bleeds - in the post-modern electronic Land Of Confusion (oh just do dark Ambient, then) a way forward, the momentum is unstoppable, brand new, it's not retro, the halfway rhythm hint then full pick-up around 2.38 is brilliant, then he adds another dimension.

3 reasons. There are more. Rusted Phoenix - throbbing gristle that cooks up yah brain. Stinson Fish - down the aqua worm hole we go...I'd love to share a track but couldn't find one streamed. Instead, imagine for now, or you're already enjoying it, or you will when you buy it. Promise.

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