Monday, 20 April 2015

Me & Giacometti / Architecture / Ornette Coleman / The Magazine

One of these figures is by Giacometti and the other is by my parents.


Our's neo-brutal post-modern exterior reflects the prices within perfectly, reflecting as it does the sense of foreboding and despair when awaiting the price of your bill...


Now something positive, the Ornette Coleman box set Beauty Is A Rare Thing has been reissued (and repackaged), the only negative being that they couldn't come up with something different to celebrate his recent 85th birthday. I suppose, unlike Miles Davis, there's not a lot of unheard treasures buried in the vaults? I can't find it for sale yet but it may be cheaper than the original. Or not. In which case, that's a handsome thing to have sitting on your shelf. The music's not bad either.


One of the prints that was included in the magazine. Thanks to those of you who haven't bought it because I couldn't have made many more without going nuts at the printer. Those who did, thanks also. A few more are available. Only a few...


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