Thursday, 9 April 2015

Magazine For Sale: Welcome To...The Nice Age

Here it is...Welcome To The Nice Age...packed with Nice fluffy pictures and perfectly is not. Instead, it contains, amongst other things, stark black and white images created by me, along with a joke or two (see the little girl and her pussy cat about to go up in flames - hilarious!). Whilst the content is mostly pictorial there are some pasted texts involved.

The details: 
Size: A4. 
30 pages (stapled in the tradition of early small magazines).
Cost: £7.95 plus p&p ('Free to all who pay', as Bill Burroughs once said). Ships worldwide.
Your copy will contain two original printed pages, making each magazine unique.
Plus a CD. See below. 

Details from some pages...

Here's an example with a unique printed page visible...

Also included, a cut up called Solar System Brain Landscape...

The CD, Stalkhausen, is a 35minute-long sonic reshaping of music by a composer whose name you can probably's a de-arrangement...possibly deranged won't believe your ears! 

Welcome To The Nice Age will be limited in number so if you want a copy I suggest not waiting too long. 

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