Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Y-You! 10 Responses To Various Types Of Readers

It's you!

1) Did you read my bit on Dexys? You asked what I thought...genius or, as you said Colin said, shit, so now you know (not that I answer simply either or....either / or gets on my tits...like my friend walking 'round Tate Modern going "I like that"..."I don't like that"...black 'n' white...yes / no...it's not always that simple, or shouldn't be because it was everything would be reduced to shorthand thinking...)

2) Glad you're back. I know, you bookmark the blog and notice it every few days, thinking 'Oh, I'll have a look'. Thanks for not deleting it.

3) Haven't seen you in ages! Where have you been? What? Looking at all kinds of stuff? Of course you have. What made you come back? Finally stopped at Include Me Out where it sits at 78th place on your bookmark? OK. Anyway. You'll see that a lot's been posted since you were last here but I don't expect you to spend time going back, back, back. Visit more regularly and you won't miss out.

4) You! You're still a regular. That's great. There aren't many of you and I just want to thank you...'though perhaps you should be thanking me you ungrateful arsehole, 'cause you don't comment, do you? I don't blame you. I do comment if I particularly like a post on someone's blog, but that's me, a fellow blogger, showing a bit of support in the form of visible response. Sorry I called you an arsehole. I didn't mean it...please, no, don't delete me!

5) Who are you? You won't answer that, of course. But...it's your first visit? Welcome. I review albums, post my own pictures and art by others and book covers....sometimes I just talk, which I call 'Musings'...about anything, but usually culture-related...music clips...um...other things I make. You might want to hang around and look at what's in the labels. If you don't have time for that now, bookmark Include Me Out and come back when you do. Pardon? You never have that much time? I know, there's so much to see. If you like the blog, share it...please...I get lonely sometimes...(sob)...

6) Oh, er, hello you...sorry I didn't review the album(s) you sent but...um...you know...it's not my kind of thing. I wish you all the best anyway. I just don't listen to nice ambient music much...unless you count Satie...or the Modern Jazz Quartet, who aren't 'ambient' in the modern sense, I know.

7) You haven't included my blog on your roll, have you? But you do visit regularly. I know, you just haven't got 'round to it. You have a busy life and you blog. We should support each other really. Why? Well, we might be a dying breed...you know...bloggers who actually write instead of just posting 'crazy' pictures. I feel like an old fart sat here tapping away at the keys...dinosaur generation...oh well, we do what we must, eh? Until we feel we mustn't. Then we stop.

8) Hello you. How come you haven't sent me any of your music? You know I like it. It's interesting, vibrant, imaginative. But you can't even be bothered to send a file. I remember the old days when I wrote a zine and people sent actual records - they did! Packaged 'em up, paid for postage and walked out to the post office. I know, mad ennit? KLF sent me a promo 12 once, but I was on the dole and sold it for a fraction of what it was worth. So send me stuff. I might review it.

9) Anyone I've left out? Oh, you, of course.

10) And that person I look at every day in the mirror. I know everything about him. Although, some would say that others know things about us that we simply aren't aware of...which is true. And on that philosophical note, I bid you farewell.

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