Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Ancient to Future Classic Gigs (partial list)

Kanye 'I Am A God' West is playing Glastonbury - oh no-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o! I don't care. Who does care? Glastonbury's never meant a thing to me...sharing fields with the masses...the idea of which I find horrifying...because I'm a snob - ha-ha! Because, anyway, I don't like crowds, except at football the 1970s...and on the Council Tax riot...although when it turned into cops on horses ploughing through panicking crowds...I didn't like that...

I don't even go to ordinary gigs any more...(tries to think of the last good one...fails...hold on, does Time Attendant at Cafe Oto count as a 'gig'? In my mind, no. Gigs are what bands play. Paul Snowdon isn't a band. He twiddles knobs, brilliantly. I'm not one for watching people do that either, normally, but his music's so good that I was tempted out of my lair.)

That clip doesn't convey how good a total set is.

This clip conveys something of how good the Art Ensemble of Chicago were 'live'...

One of my all-time favourite bands/'live' experiences. I saw them a few times and they were never less than captivating. I wonder who would be in my Top 10 Live bands?............

                                                                                        The Art Ensemble of Chicago
                                                                                        The Clash
                                                                                        Ornette Coleman
                                                                                        Rip Rig & Panic
                                                                                        The Who
                                                                                        Defunkt............ many I've forgotten...all the Punk gigs, Jazz gigs (Cedar Walton Trio in Brighton!)...and on...I can't make a definitive list...perhaps Kanye at Glastonbury will be on somebody's in the future...


  1. It makes for an interesting list, though.
    I know someone who listed them in real time - every single live set he ever witnessed in his life got jotted down in his notebook the same day... he still keeps it up now aged 55. I kind of wish I'd done the same, but the last thing I was thinking about at the time was that I'd ever have any desire to look back on it in the future. We were too busy living in the moment, weren't we?!

    1. May as well live in the moment, C - we all live with the past. Typical male music obsessive behaviour variation you mention. I've only kept a few tickets.


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