Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Felicia Atkinson - A Readymade Ceremony (Shelter Press)

This was 'recorded on her laptop using a super basic software', which goes to show that less can be more and usually is in this age of infinite potential; to extract great things from the limitations. Felicia Atkinson is also a visual artist who lives in the French Alps but the light and space are not her muse. Instead, the sonic booms resonating throughout this album suggest she's in a nuclear bunker under those mountains. Texts read throughout include excerpts from works by herself, René Char and Georges Bataille

Against Archives (as in art archives? The abandonment of preservation in favour of...what? The temporary?) - theoretical considerations aside, this track rumbles magnificently, with Atkinson's voice barely present, as if drowning in the thunderdrone. On L'Oeil her statements are clearer and worth hearing...a prose poem of sorts...'I used to be played more often...I used to be crucial...' repeated, as if the story's told by a has-been Pop star, all backed by distortion into which a light melody is embedded. The Book Is The Territory does suggest the epic splendour of mountains shrouded in melancholic mist. Carve The Concept And The Artichoke continues the mournful mood, made more interesting by 'naive' piano playing (she stopped playing aged 14) towards the end. Pierre Henry is an obvious influence but Atkinson has made what amounts to very much her own art/music/literature-inspired album. A great release from Shelter Press. Out on March 15th. Info here


  1. Hey, it's Colt. I deleted my Facebook, but I love keeping tabs with you. This site is a gold mine of interesting things. I use wordpress for my film site. But we'll keep crossing paths I'm sure. Peace my friend.

    1. Good to hear from you Colt. Glad you're dropping by. All the best.


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