Monday, 16 February 2015

Baron Mordant, Nick Edwards & Shackleton - Pioneers 04 (Cavendish Music)

Since the bloody doors got blown off the library, library, helped by the BBC Radiophonic/Ghost Box axis/revival/renewal thing, avant garde-ian 'readers' have heard some treats - like Bruno Nicolai and Ennio Moriccone's Dimensioni Sonore series for RCA and works by Egisto Macchi. So many other oddities got dusted off and shared on the grabvine too.

Some of my favourite musical things are 'library' records, partly because the tracks are never too long, through necessity, this is utilitarian mood music made for usage therefore not prone to abusage (?!). No time wasted wandering towards the 20min mark with vague aspirations to be 'epic'. Unshackled from the pressures of recording a 'proper' album, maestros of mood make every second count.

So here, working for long time providers of library music, Cavendish, are modernists Baron Mordant, Nicholas Mayo Edwards (Ekoplekz) and Reiner Zufall (Shackleton). They do a good job too - Drone Master by Zufall, Zombie March by Baron Mordant and Cue Twelve by Edwards, for instance. By slipping Ecological and Biological into two titles, Zufall smartly nods towards a tradition in library records of albums based around both. On Cue Eleven, Edwards springs a perfect tribute to all things Radiophonic and all bleepy weirdness shelved under 'Science' in the collective library. I'll say no more because you can hear the whole thing on YouTube.

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