Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Third Incarnation Of Barry White

Barry White born again for the second time, today, for some reason (when you say to yourself "Oh, how about ---------- ?" for no particular reason, other than the random swoop of the arm in your memory jukebox making the selection).

I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby was in the singles box during my DJing years. Even then it felt like I was being a little brave playing it - I mean, Barry White? It usually worked, though - well, that opening section...who could resist it? OK, you, perhaps. But it felt so-o-o- good...the slow break, piano riff - kind of 'kicking' in a laid-back way....then "Give it up" and the way it washes into the chorus...

First incarnation was back in the day when Barry White tunes were new - disco, gum-chewing, larger-swilling post-suedehead youths that we were, our fantasies orchestrated by someone who actually knew what it was all, that is...and we'd liked to have loved the girls of our choice a little more physically than we actually did....but...the title, though not the lyrical content of this tune, is more apt...


  1. You are full of surprises, Robin!

    1. Ha-ha! Well, me and Barry go back a long you may have gathered.


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