Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My Triptych In The Museum of Modern Art

Yes, folks, it's happened at last. After years of toiling away at Art and enduring the psychological traumas that go with such activity ("I'm a failure - give up!" etc) my triptych is in the Museum of Modern Art. Ann Temkin, Chief Curator of Painting and Sculpture, proved to be most amicable, saying she wanted to embrace digital art more in 2015 and, in her own words "Not that Glitch crap or Richard Prince appropriation shit!", at which point I couldn't help leaning over the desk and hugging her but her response was to recoil in horror because you're not supposed to do that sort of thing, apparently. Anyway, she was all right....until she asked me about my working methods, which I never reveal, as you know. Then she got a bit arsy. She didn't like me rolling a fag in her office either, but using her cup as an ashtray I shrugged defiantly, saying "I'm a fucking artist, lady, you're just a curator" with a knowing smile. I could tell she liked that rebellious artist routine.

Here I am in the street outside (just to prove to you that I was there).

And here's the triptych. It's collective title is: Untitled 1, 2, 3, or Subtractive Abstraction of the Soul in the Digital Age. Despite what you may think, this photo has not been tampered with. I don't know how to use Photoshop. 

You can see the pictures better here

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