Friday, 16 January 2015

Music Shuffle 1

Putting the player on shuffle mode is one of the pleasures of modern listening, isn't it? The surprise combinations that work, the discovery of long-forgotten tracks and the opportunity to delete that 20-min ambient drone thing you thought might be good but is in fact extremely dull and you never consciously choose to play it. So I thought I'd post the results of my machine's selection. Only ten, although that's probably more than you'll want to wade through. I've omitted stuff that isn't on YouTube which, in this first session, was about five tracks. Each time I'll upload one such track. Here it's Johnny Hawksworth's library gem from the Lunar Probe comp, Journey to the Unknown. As it turned out, this batch all more or less relate to each other but I've no doubt there will be stark contrasts in the future, such as Miley Cirus rubbing shoulders with Charles Mingus...ha-ha. You might even find something new that you like.

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