Saturday, 27 December 2014

Constructivist Fantasy

London being one big building site it's no surprise that something's going up near my place of work. I don't think it will be affordable housing. What a surprise, eh? So much construction going on and it's all either the latest celebrity architect's fantasy (an oligarch magnet) or homes for the well-off. 

I couldn't resist taking a few photos, finding the bare bones of a building so visually interesting. Thoughts of Tatlin's Tower sprang to mind. It was never built, fittingly, since it was a great Constructivist monument to an unfulfilled dream of utopian society after the revolution. 

I've played around with the photos, as I'm sure you can tell, constructing my own fantastical skeleton of steel girders. My homage, if you like, to the (fantasy) housing revolution, after which the ordinary working people of London can all afford somewhere to live in the city.

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