Saturday, 11 October 2014

Titles For Whatever You Like

Song titles, perhaps? Or chapter titles? Write a novel based around them. Essay titles? Band names? If a band emerges called 'Particle Hat Committee' my lawyers will be in touch...and we can settle out of court...

Chrome Twist Leg Marathon

Anti-Gravity Adding Machine Equation Tornado

Sketch Breath Cauterised Enigma

Inside Porn Table Leg Defence

Tottenham Hale Religion 41 Escape

Versace Creed Angina

Cloud Torso Debate X5

Ant Sand Airline Disaster Manifesto

Particle Hat Committee

Multiple Osmosis Warning Door

Hair Flesh Anxiety Marathon

Trigger Pen Nausea Whiplash Catalogue

Mock Tudor Skull Jukebox

Plastic Water Bored Momentary Lapse

Blood Cake Mission Statement

African Time Jog Auto-Breath

Dead Bend Stetson Time Trial 


  1. Aren't these already titles of songs by The Fall?

    1. Ha-ha! They could be. I'll take that as a compliment.


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