Friday, 17 October 2014

Hacker Farm / Libbe Matz Gang - Crass In Africa (No Label)

We don't need organising
Or politicians being patronising.
We don't need their leadership,
Trendy lefties being hip.
Don't need their condescension
Or their back to root pretension.
We've heard it all before,
Politicians saying "No more war",
Pulling wool across our eyes.
We don't need their dangerous lies.
We won't accept capitulation,
It's just manipulation.
They want the smooth without the rough,
But words and gestures aren't enough.
We've got to learn to reject all leaders
And the passive shit they feed us...
- You're Already Dead, Crass

Anti-petrochemical brothers Hacker Farm and Libbe Matz Gang clamp an oil derrick to your head to drill your brains out with power electronics - and you'll love it - well, I do. A Crass typo homage cover, yes, but more than just a three-chord wonder mess of sound, Crass In Africa cut deep with devilishly good music. Agbogbloshie's post-hoover dominant bass drone, Uganda's skipping beat and relentless razor counter-rhythm, Transnationaale's remote horror evoking the post-exploitation wasteland...brilliant. It all makes Vatican Shadow sound like Enya. These eight short tracks of electro fire are something Red Adair could not extinguish. Only 100 copies pressed so be quick and go to No Label.

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