Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Back Into JG Ballard / Janek Schaefer's Inner Space Memorial (for JG Ballard)

Mmm...what to read?...go to the shelf in the hallway...JG Ballard - The Complete Short Stories...yes! Just about manage to get it down without damaging my back - it's a beast...1189 pages...all of which I know I haven't read but there's no marker in it so...where did I get to? The stories are presented chronologically, which is great....The Terminal Beach from '64? (page 589) - I know I've read it, but...trouble is the spine is creased all the way, so no clues know what? I'll start from the beginning. Yes. I will, in 1956 with Prima I did, last night (you want to know what else I did last night? Mind your own business)'s a brilliant tale of musical plant mutations and a mysterious woman...but you know Ballard's brilliant and this book is essential. My copy is the Flamingo one from 2002 but another has since been published.

Here's a great tribute to Ballard by Janek Schaefer...

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