Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Dopplereffekt & Objekt - Hypnagogia (Leisure System)

Hypnagogia is, as I'm sure you know, that strange experience of slipping from being awake to falling asleep. I say strange, but more strange is that someone named it. Alfred Maury coined the term hypnagogic and I think Simon Reynolds has probably used it to describe a type of music. As Ian Dury said, there ain't half been some clever bastards and some of them are music journalists. It's probably best not to become too conscious of hypnagogia, though, otherwise you might not fall asleep. Then again, if you're aware of the experience, in theory, you must be about to sleep. I confused myself there.

Dopplereffekt and Objekt have not created music to fall asleep to, thankfully, although Raymond Scott did when he made Soothing Sounds For Baby. I've no doubt Dopplereffekt and Objekt are aware of Raymond Scott's music. Who in their right mind isn't? Scott made music for advertisements promoting techno-advanced companies such as IBM, along with one for Bendix called The Tomorrow People. Here are Dopplereffekt and Objekt advertising themselves, the former having been tomorrow people for a good few years, presenting an image of advanced technological efficiency for the post-Kraftwerk universe.

Dopplereffekt's track, Delta Wave, delivers just what you want from sophisticated Electro. If you haven't heard it, you can imagine it, which isn't as good as hearing it because when you do images of what Tomorrow's World would be like (idealistic retro fantasy) flicker through your mind as if projected into it by white-coated boffins. Objekt's Ganzfeld is that future fantasy updated, even though is has a hint of classic Tech Step about it along with an element of darkness. It's a little more fierce, in other words; that future which may be super-slick yet carries menace beneath it's glistening surface. Oh, and it's got a funky wiggle in there too. Look out for his forthcoming album, Flatlands, on PAN. It's superb.

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