Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Control Computer Systems / Allan Kaprow and Communications Programming

Here's the result of some 'programming' I did last year. One example of several 'concrete' word creations...

Control Computer System Copyright RT 2013

LSD and LBJ invoke different meaning clusters, but both partake of a need for code; and code performs the same condensing function as symbol in poetry. TV "snow" and Muzak in  restaurants are accompaniments to conscious activity whose sudden withdrawal produces a feeling of void in the human situation. Contemporary art, which tends to "think" in multimedia, intermedia, overlays, fusions, and hybridizations, more closely parallels modern mental life than we have realized. It's judgements, therefore, may be accurate. Art may soon become a meaningless word. In its place, "communications programming" would be a more imaginative label, attesting to our new jargon, our technological and managerial fantasies, and our pervasive electronic contact with one another. 
           - Allan Kaprow, Manifesto, 1966

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