Friday, 8 August 2014

Editions Alecto Book / 60s Art Prints

Published by Lund Humphries in 2003, Editions Alecto - original graphics, multiple originals 1960-1981 catalogues the Art print company's admirable record of working with the likes of Eduardo Paolozzi, Colin Self, David Hockney and other stars of the 60s. Most of us can't afford the original works so we have to make do with this book. I was lucky to pick one up in a Charing Cross Rd bookshop basement. There are a few for sale here (USA) at a reasonable price. Worth the money. More about the company here.


Electric Chair, Colin Self & Christopher Logue, 1968

Figure No.2, Colin Self, 1971

Les Premiers Astres, Jennifer Dickson, 1965

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  1. Good to see someone else interested in EA - they were so influential in the Sixties and so many of the prints still seem very fresh to this day - please have a look at my blog on Eduardo Paolozzi


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