Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Concrete Is Good For You - Brutalist Architecture

 More from Architectural Record magazine. The second shot of the Trent building looks very sci-fi, complete with the desolate landscape of a remote planet...

Some ads from the magazine here

Champlain College

Trent University

The Chemistry Building

Pet Plaza, St Louis


  1. I can't make up my mind about this stuff...can't tell if I have a sick fascination with it or if I really love the brute geometric force of it.

    It's funny...we were on the Mississippi Gulf Coast this week and there is a building in Biloxi that would fall into this category. It's still untouched...nine years after Katrina. Everything else, that survived, has been scrubbed up and given new life...but, there is this concrete square in the middle of a parking lot that hasn't been touched. Why hasn't it been leveled? Why is it still there?

    Are people afraid of it? Ha

    1. Yes Erik, I know what you mean, the sheer force of brutalist concrete design intimidates people into either/or reactions. I too find the monolithic futurist style both horrifying and alluring. Ultimately, I much prefer it to the plague of post-modernist building in London, the grab-bag of everything that results in architectural nothingness. The post-nuclear scenario will be these buildings...populated by cockroaches.


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