Friday, 1 August 2014

60s Modernism: Architectural Record September 1969 Ads

It's 1969 OK. Yes, all across the USA. Here are some ads from Architectural Record magazine from September. That's the Trent University building on the cover - pure brutalism, and handy ledges for students to climb on and throw Molotovs when demonstrating. Although such is the imposing nature of this building I doubt they could muster the nerve because the beast looks as if it would crush humans who dare to climb onto it. Some other time I'll scan the best photos from within. There are some real gems.

'PPG's Solarban Bronze Twindow made possible an open building design for Mutual
of Omaha's new Regional Home Office in Miami'

Inland-Ryerson wall panels

'Our company image sets the pattern for offices of The Home Insurance Company.
Our choice in furniture is Royalmetal.'

'The challenge of the Electro-environment'. National Electrical Contractors Association

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