Saturday, 28 June 2014

Pierre Henry's Greatest Hits Volume 1

In association with Pruductions Musique de GĂ©nie, Include Me Out proudly presents Pierre Henry's Greatest Hits Volume 1 - you've never heard anything like it! Unless you've heard Pierre Henry...or anyone who sounds like him. But here, for probably the first time in musical history, is a selection of his very greatest hits. His most popular tunes as loved by millions around the world since the 1950s. Thrill to the sound of Trille, Variations and others on this special 62 minute compilation, now available for the first time in the exciting, modern download format! 

Biography: Pierre Henry was born in France (1948) by the process of splicing two pieces of magnetic tape together. He grew up on a reel in a studio where he then began splicing tape together and manipulating real sounds to make them sound unreal to the point where reality and unreality became indistinguishable. By the 1960s Henry was himself an electronic entity, soon to be synthesised and eventually digitised, becoming the astounding music-making man-machine we know and love today. 

Interpretation Bleue
Concerto des ambiguites - Intermede
Souffle 2
Mine II
Agitation D'orchestre
Tokyo 2002
Fievre 2

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