Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Your Seven A Day Cultural Diet

The recent report suggesting that eating five fruit and veg a day may not be enough and seven would be better may well be true but is ridiculously optimistic. I hereby suggest a different kind of diet; one that will nourish your eyes and ears. You may also increase your fitness levels by dancing to Serge Gainsbourg, if you wish. Or, if you prefer, simply lounge on the sofa in a smoking jacket, smoking. 

The examples below are by no means the only ingredients for a healthy lifestyle. It may be supplemented by many other artists who will do you good. Most inhabitants of the planet may be poisoning themselves with cultural junk (no Lady Gaga on these premises, please, or outside, or anywhere I can see you), but you, at least, can set a good example. 

My diet provides a healthy balance of music, film, literature and art but be warned, too much Laurel & Hardy may result in your sides splitting. Whilst there is no such thing as too much Daphne Oram, I recommend a mixture of products by the following. You may even combine some by staring at a Hannah Hoch collage whilst listening to Bernard Parmegiani - it's highly recommended! 

Daphne Oram


Mr Parmegiani

His Holiness Jacques Demy


Stan & Ollie

Holy Moholy-Nagy


El Hombre Invisible

Georges Simenon

Feed your ears...with peas, chicken and salt peanuts...

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  1. looking at a Hannah Hoch while listening to Bernard Parmegiani - that's a great collage right there.


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