Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What's On Your Mind?

prawns (which he's cooking)

the £10 note thrown onto his desk in the office by a disgruntled Arsenal fan who'd bet on Chelsea FC not qualifying for the semi-finals of the Champions League

Bruno Nicolai, whose Marquis de Sade album he had just purchased, thinking 'What the hell, I'm ten  pounds richer than I was yesterday'...

Helm, who he was listening to as he wrote...'s not proper music, is it? what's music & what's noise? who's to say? 

how do you know someone's working class? their TV is bigger than their bookcase (a cruel joke he'd recited to a friend last week-end during a discussion about what he could not remember). he is working-class. & there were times in his past when he was almost ashamed to say so - then he told himself that if more working-class people came out of the closet there would be less shame in it because some of those who did so might own bookcases that were bigger than their TVs. so the nasty stereotype of proles being uncultured in the sense of not only watching & reading shit would be challenged. though, he thought, the day would never come when it would disappear...

what is Art? no! no that old question.
what is digital Art?

'Images For Digital Art' (Google)

here's something he made.... it Digital Art? is it Art at all?

he thought all this, then remembered the prawns & went to finish cooking them...

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