Sunday, 27 April 2014

Weightausend - WEIGHTAUSEND s​/​t EP (Haunter Records) / Beneath - Vobes EP (PAN)

Two (skull)cracking EPs, both delivering the right kind of machine-tooled intrigue that combines rhythmic imagination with meticulous rigour. 

Weightausend's trip into the dub arena on The Cage triggers loving memories of Black Ark classics whilst being unmistakably Now. The same is true of W Modulate, exploiting space-time between your ears, eschewing overload and excessive trickery. We slip into the void between percussive reverberation and get carried on a brief concentration of beats before the final spaces re-emerge. Heith's remix of Untitled has beefed-up beats plunged into fog yet still creating forward motion through the ominous murkiness, and Morkebla reshapes W Modulate with added vocal samples and extra dread.

Ben Walker as Beneath cooks up yah brain on his Vobes EP for PAN, proving the label's ability to draw the best out of producers. It's a superbly sculpted stepper's delight that supplies prime cuts of diced 'n' sliced rhythms for modern metal heads; crisp and kaleidoscopic but with a kick. Occupy is Photek-like but still distinctive. The Devil's in the details and Walker's thorough twist on contemporary modes leaves it's mark. Like Weighausend, he deviates dubplate methodology on One Blings brilliantly. The deep bass pressure on Stress 1 will make your subwoofer bulge but it's the wealth of sonic riches on all tracks that make this a stunning set.

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