Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Chicago Seed Magazine Covers

Seed was an underground newspaper launched by artist Don Lewis and Earl Segal, owner of the Molehole, a local poster shop, and published biweekly in Chicago, Illinois from May 1967 to 1974; there were 121 issues published in all. These are some of my favourite covers, namely ones that aren't in the typical Hippy visual style, although some show traits. The spacey ones are great, the skull too; more resonant of space-age futurist retro style and as such, atypical of Hippy. The sunflower cover reminds me of the Sex Pistols line - sunflowers in your dustbin/ruins. You might like to play this track by Chicago band The Flock whilst browsing. A good mix of Jazz and, er, that other thing...what's it called...Rock, that's it. Pretty funky too. 

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  1. ...there is now the chicago seed revisited group on facebook...


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