Sunday, 13 April 2014

Bass Clef - Raven Yr Own Worl (PAN)

Self-confessed 'dubstep exile' Ralph Cumbers plays his BugBrand Modular system, blowing sonic bubbles in your ear; a pure pleasure to behold. Less the phuture, more the past remixed. Whether the Raven of the title is intended as a pun on Ravin' or not, echoes (literally) of that era abound in happy chopped hand-clapping, even whistles. Current listeners are more likely to be dancing in their heads than in muddy fields but either through experience or historical digging the references will be familiar. Synth lines wiggle in and out of focus, bolstered by choice bass lines, all artfully done, if not quite turning Acid into Art. There's enough detail to reveal fresh components after several rewinds.

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