Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Liberation Of Sound - Herbert Russcol (Prentice-Hall Ltd, 1972)

Great book. Contains a discography, reviews of selected recordings and sections on the main composers as well as the photos below.

Xenakis (right) and Le Corbusier  when they created the
now legendary Philips pavilion at the Brussels World Fair.

Otto Luening

Ussachevsky and Shostakovitch, the latter thinking 'What
a bloody racket' whilst pretending to understand the new music.

Milton Babbitt

Ussachevsky twiddling knobs whilst thinking 'Is Dmitri
hip, or was he just pretending?'

Nick Edwards (holding royalty cheque from Unfidelity), Bill Kouligas,
Russell Haswell, Luke Younger, Laurel Halo, Yves De Mey, Paul Snowdon,
Sean Canty, Miles Whittaker, Mika Vainio and others.

John Cage and Stockhausen in a plane! Wh-e-e-e-e-e! 'Do you know where
you're going, John?' 'No, I'm leaving it to chance!'

Jean Claude Rissett demonstrating his synthesised trumpet music which
20 listeners (out of how many, it doesn't say) could not distinguish from
a real trumpet. Miles Davis did not feel threatened.

Fascinating diagram of how computer music is generated, eh?

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