Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sleaford Mods - Divide and Exit (Harbinger Sound)


austerity mods - small faeces in the toilet bowl of the music biz?
the philosophy of Armitage Shanks esq.
liveable shit - you put up with it -
everyday life, a spectacle seen through dark glasses - raise yours to Sleaford Mods - beer or wine?
you don't have to be working class to review this album, but it helps - otherwise - what? Bourgeois pontifications on the meaning of it all - fuck off - I keep out of it -
what are they rebelling against? what have you got?
rock stars in Tudor homes, fat-arse office life, flag-waving idiots -
Mark (Fisher) you miss the point, mate, this isn't about a 'new political project' - project this (burp) - it's a reflection not a rallying cry - you are the mirror, you see what you are -
'It's about my life!' Is it?
Conceptualists, connoisseurs, they conned you, sir.
It's nonsense, perfect sense, punk poetry (?) that doesn't rhyme, much - it's bile, but it's funny - survivors, strugglers, ranting ex-ravers - it's all gone Pete Tong -
re-tweet the Birdy Song and on and on -
the selfie-obsessed generation wank-fest -
I keep out of it -
Shout it to the bottom, all the way down - aspire? to what? the trendy middle-class Shoreditch values of the vacuous hipster herd -
'I love hip-hop!' - ghetto-minded on a grant -
the verbal spew of benefit street scum is all -
become a Grime superstar - culture show, cultural shower and fashionable for perhaps one whole hour -
we all want to be middle class now, dontcha know? fuck off.
but what's the alternative? be yourself, let the media shove you in a hole - square pegs in a round one - stereotyping at 45 & 33 -
one nation under the heel of brogues click-clacking through the halls of Westminster -
garish sloganhearing smacks you in the chops like high street signs selling prole cuisine -
bare-knuckle drum 'n' bass grooves for Chicken Village people - disgusting! -
should I really be consuming this? processed cheese, you are what you eat.
'So primitive, darling! I love listening to the natives!'
'I'm not bothered, I never was' -
you got a Brit Award? No surrender!
'Life knifes you as it screams 'YOU GOT FUCK-ALL''
'Don't let the mechanics of beer trick you into thinking you're a warrior'
Mods 'n' Sods getting heavy with a past that didn't exist.
The struggling words - the fame - 'ave a bit of realism - posh suburban wankers -
'Liveable shit, you put up with it' - (canned laughter) -
'So now I don't dream of anything, I just wait for it to turn up'.
'We don't get what we ask for, we get what we deserve' - t
he metropolis of discontent - all you zombies tweet, tweet, tweet -

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