Thursday, 6 March 2014

Abstract Painting In Flanders - Michel Seuphor (1974)

As promised yesterday. You can't truly appreciate what an effort it was scanning this...I mean...I'm hungover, it weighs a ton, wouldn't fit on the scanner until I realised I could take the lid off and then many images didn't fit, or barely fitted. Puffing and (abstract) panting, I struggled on with the beast. 

But first, photos of the book since it's World Book Day and that's what this is, a book, an object which is almost all about the content but partly about it being a big, special book from 1974 with all-colour plates pasted in, as opposed to printed on the paper. Some of them flap about whilst others are totally pasted (me being almost totally wasted). I can't imagine how long it took to make up...almost as long as it took me to scan. 

As Seuphor points out, Belgian abstract artists were largely ignored and unrepresented in the history. This book aimed to set the record straight and do them justice. It certainly does that. Perhaps they are more widely recognised today. There were so many to choose from that singling out my favourites would have meant scanning until midnight so my choices were random.

The Farewell, Jo Delahaut, 1957

Composition 6, Marthe Donas, 1920

Painting 37, Pierre-Louis Flouquet, 1925

National Street, Jozef Peeters, 1919

Jozef Peeters designed himself a very cool flat which is mentioned in the book. It's now open to the public.

Opus 38, Victor Servranckx, 1921

San Gioco Maggiore, Michel Seuphor, 1956

Composition, Guy Vandenbranden, 1960

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