Wednesday, 5 February 2014

William Burroughs Birthday Tribute

William Burroughs was born 100 years ago today. If there's a hell below he's down there for being a queer junkie who attacked the religious establishment along with every other, but there isn't, so he's not. From the literary bomb that was The Naked Lunch through the cut-up trilogy of the 60s to The Third Mind (with Brion Gysin) and beyond he tore up literary conventions. Essayist, tape manipulator, artist, he was counter to even the counter culture that embraced him.

'Calling partisans of all nations - Cut word lines - Shift linguals - Vibrate tourists - Free doorways - Word falling - Photo falling - Break through in Grey Room - ' - Nova Express

Here's a mix I made about a year ago in case you missed it.


There's plenty more good Burroughs-related material on Include Me Out. Check the label on the list to the right.

A collage I made, which I suggest you enlarge for the details.

The Photo Collage, essay, 1963

Untitled, 1972

Untitled, 1965

Self-Portrait, Tangier, 1964

Collage, date unknown


  1. Fantastic collage sir. Love the nod to the old grid patterns of WSB/BG. Great work.


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