Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Music Round-Up: Perc, Ekoplekz & The Lord

Ali Wells comes rolling over the horizon in his armour-plated sound wagon firing salvoes at slavish followers of party political lines and plain party music - much tub-thumping, screams & sonic scrapings - it's total war! Storm the Bastille of the Bland! Burn! Loot! Everyone's favourite avant-fashionista Nik Colk Void adds vocals to Speek, one of the best tracks. Anti-manifesto racket railing against whatever you want it to - David & George is as annoying as the duo whose heads it would shred, along with yours. The Unquiet Brit on a soapbox screaming hardcore Techno-encoded slogans. Smashing.

Justified, ancient & on Planet Mu for this album, Nick Edwards hasn't altered & who'd want him to? It'll probably gain him more attention, which he deserves. Still channelling Chrome, The Cabs & Radiophonic dreams. Lo-fi, hi-fi, no-fi skills from a prolific man with more talent in his little toe than most pretenders in the Modern Electronics Made By Humans field/shed/studio. Analogue, never anal, always entertaining, Unfidelity will please fans & win a few more, I'm sure. A Brit award beckons, surely?

Praise The Lord (Paul Mill) & pass the ammunition in the form of this broadcast from Bedlam. Chopped geetar riffs & bonkers beats - broken hardly says it - but what joy to hear Mills toying with genres, even scatting (kind of), like a human beat box on the corner (The court of Dr Flimsy), still on the meths. Perhaps there's no method in his madness, but breaking free from the frivolity on Please use this for free, Sunset for Alice & Never Vex a stranger, for instance, Mills proves he can visit dark, interesting places. 

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